Big Apple Watch Update May Bring Multitude Of Features

All of these require a lot of changes and not to mention, permissions.


Even though the Apple Watch currently seems to be available only in a handful of countries, the device seems to be a success (for now) as demand has clearly exceeded supply. So it is obvious that Apple is aware of the problem and is taking user feedback seriously.

Today, there’s news coming from 9to5mac about a some more features that the Cupertino giant is apparently working on. Those that are related to security, health and fitness tracking, ones that it may incorporate in the near future.

We say ‘may’, because there are a number of hurdles like new hardware and approval from medical institutions that may lead to culling them even before they see the light of day.

One of these interesting features is ‘Find my Watch’. This would be similar to the Find my iPhone app that is available on iPhones, one that will let you lock, wipe and track the location of the same.

Along with ‘Find my Watch’ is a new feature (not new to the Android world) called ‘Smart Leashing’. Smart Leashing will reportedly alert you when you leave your iPhone behind. This however requires newer hardware, so it may in all probability make an appearance with the next version of the Apple Watch.

Next up, is a feature that is a bit controversial and helpful all the same. An update to the heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch will actually work overtime to sense and deliver notifications about irregular heartbeat in order to avoid what follows. Clearly, this would require the approval of the medical associations, which will not be easy due to the level of accuracy that medical devices deliver.

Lastly, we have a new widget-like UI called ‘complications’ (not the same as in traditional horology) that would appear over the watch face. One that would enable users to glance though information directly from the watch face. Obviously this will allow for third-party intervention, meaning you will soon see a number of interesting designs and ‘complications’ show up.

All of the above is clearly reserved for the next big update, which should be announced at the upcoming WWDC, which takes off on the 8th of June.


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LG’s Watch Urbane Now Available For Purchase On Amazon India

Android Wear’s most exclusive smartwatch finally reaches Indian shores.


After Meizu it is now LG that is making headlines today as it's most exclusive smartwatch to date, the LG Watch Urbane is now available on Amazon.in.

It has been a really long wait since its announcement before the MWC and the smartwatch is finally available for purchase at a low offer price of Rs 29,990. While this may not seem all that low, its the actual retail price of Rs 35,000 that really surprised us.

LG indeed seems to be going in for exclusivity out here by marketing the smartwatch as the most exclusive Android Wear-powered device to date.

Come to think of it, it is actually priced a lot higher than the Apple Watch Sport (base model) itself which is expected to retail at Rs 22,200 (approx.). The mid-priced Apple Watch that comes with a stainless steel casing comes on par with the LG Watch Urbane at an expected Rs 35,000.

Now that the pricing seems justified, let's delve into the specs, which pretty much seems to be the standard stuff :

  • We get a 1.3-inch P-OLED Display (320 x 320, 245ppi)
  • Inside hides the same old 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory
  • The smartwatch includes all your usual sensors including Gyro, Accelerometer, Compass, Barometer and a PPG (Heart Rate Sensor)
  • As usual it is powered by a 410 mAh battery unit and runs Android Wear inside; all encased in a metal construction making it look like a classic timepiece

Clearly, LG has priced its Watch Urbane to be on par with the Apple Watch that should hopefully see a launch in India soon.

LG’s Watch Urbane is currently available in both gold and silver options on Amazon.in.


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Microsoft Updates OneNote For iPad; Adds Apple Watch Support

Introduces a handy handwriting search feature.


Indeed, its now come to a point that Microsoft seems to be doing more for other platforms than for itself (Windows 10 is still far away). After updating most of its apps to support the Apple Watch, we now have added features for the OneNote for iPad app, along with additional note-taking support on Apple Watch for the same.

Today’s OneNote update adds a pretty useful feature, and is currently available for the iPad and on Windows 8.1 devices only. The iPad app seems to have got a revamp and allows for easier sorting for all your notes as well.

More importantly, iPad and Windows 8.1 users can now even search through handwritten notes thanks to Microsoft’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tech.

The feature is truly impressive but there is a catch. Microsoft will allow only the newly jotted notes to be available in search, which gets processed in a matter of minutes. Older handwritten notes in your app will be made searchable in coming weeks.

Next up is OneNote support for the Apple Watch. The new update will allow you to take down notes directly from your smartwatch by simply pressing down on the plus button. It accomplishes the same via voice recognition.


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Apple Smartwatch Gets Google News And Weather App

However, as of now, no information on weather is being shown.


Google has recently launched a News and Weather app for Apple Watch which has left many people unimpressed.

It may sound a little weird reading that a Google app leaves users unimpressed. But, the app seems to be not showing any kind of information on weather.

Also, coming to the news, Apple Watch users are able to read only the headlines and not the whole content as of now.

According to a report on The Verge, tapping on the story headlines has no results and Force Touch lets you add the item to Safari's reading list.

With such downfalls that users can feel with the app, it is pretty obvious that many turn towards the much better NYT Now, CNN, Circa, etc which are quite popular now.

However, this app does show us that Google isn't ignoring the Apple Watch entirely while giving more concentration on its very own Android Wear.

Hopefully the company's next few apps can do a bit more than this one.

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Samsung’s Orbis Smartwatch SDK Reveals Reliance On Rotating Bezel

Could this be the new Samsung trying to re-invent the smartwatch?


It was just a month ago that Samsung made the existence of its round smartwatch, tagged as the Orbis official with the announcement of its SDK. Samsung wanted developers to build apps for its new Gear device now tagged as “the Next Gear”.

Now that the SDK is out, devs have helped uncover a number of features including the smartwatch’s heavy dependence on the rotating bezel.

Sifting through the code, SamMobile seems to have found a ton of data and even an image of what could be the actual smartwatch. Samsung currently, in its SDK refers to the device as “the Next Gear”.

Coming back to the rotating bezel, the SDK reveals that it will be the highlight of the whole experience, similar to the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch.

This may be what the Orbis looks like.

As for the little hardware details available, they are as follows:

  • A 1.65 inch 360 x 360 round touchscreen display sporting a pixel density of 305 ppi
  • Connectivity options include cellular data connection, Wi-Fi, GPS, as well as Bluetooth
  • There are tone of sensors available even though Samsung seems to have cut down on a few
  • (accelerometer, gyro, heartbeat sensor, pressure sensor, magnetic sensor)

Some of the images from the SDK also show off how the bezel that will be used to scroll through lists, and options in the settings menu. Also visible were images showing actions like zooming into an image or scrolling through the contacts directory with the rotation of the bezel.

Still then, there are gestures that are based on touch as well. But so far they seem to be minimal and limited to the homescreen and selection.

All-in-all the Orbis does appear to be an interesting smartwatch. Let’s just hope that Samsung manages to get its app bank ready in time because this something that will matter as visible from Apple’s rush to get its store ready for launch day.


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Mi Band Went Out Of Stock In 7 Seconds

The device was sold at Re 1 as part of the introductory offer.


As expected, the Mi Band's ist special preview sale on Xiaomi India's official website went out of stock in 7 seconds on May 5.

Surprisingly, the special sale of the Mi Band just had 1000 units in stock and at a special price of Re 1. Mi India also tweeted about the success of their Mi Band's 1st special preview sale.

To add in more on this, the flash was held on May 5 at 2 PM on mi.com/in which was reportedly flooded by Mi fans. And, it's also true that the first 1000 registrants have got the band at just Re 1.

Adding more to the whole flash sale, many users also tweeted about the same.

Speaking about the Mi Band, the company recently launched the wearable in India last month alongside its Mi 4i.

While Mi Band looks like a simple device, it does have some interesting features like tracking user movements, sleeping patterns and also the ability to unlock a device. However, the key USP of the Mi Band is its battery life which the company claims to offer up to 30 days of standby time.

To add more, the band is also water resistant so that you don't have to worry about little drizzles or liquid spills.

It is also worth noting that the company had posted a buying guide on how to grab a Mi Band on its official Facebook page.

The Re 1 promotional offer to introduce the product by the company did surely go viral among various social media handles. However, there is no further information as to when and at how much price will the device available.

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Reserve Strap Redesign Exposes Hidden 6-Pin Port On Apple Watch

Seems to be the only answer to the Apple Watch’s battery life woes.


Not many of us know about Reserve Strap, the accessory that is still in the R & D process will soon become an Apple Watch owners answer to the less than sufficient battery life.

The company did mention at its announcement back in March that the design has not been finalized. One that it would provide up to 125% more battery life than the built-in battery of the Watch.

Now, we have a new design that has shown up on its website. One that exposes the 6-pin port that lay hidden inside the connectors of the strap. While we did know thanks to the iFixit team that there was a something hidden inside the door related to servicing and diagnostics, we now know that it is capable of much more.

The Reserve Strap’s new design utilizes that 6-pin port that will help the accessory connect directly to the hardware inside without interfering with the functionality of the Watch.

The company states that owners of the strap will also receive a special tool to pop open that door. Still then, it remains to be seen whether this affects the water-proof capabilities of the smartwatch.

Source, Via

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Taptic Engine Failure Results In Slower Apple Watch Shipments

This affects launch dates across the globe.


Indeed the Taptic Engine is a tiny little piece of innovation, but it is important. The WSJ today reports that the component that debuted with Apple’s smartwatch has failed during testing, resulting in limited availability and slow shipping of its Apple Watch.

The Taptic Engine is basically a linear actuator (a rod with motor) that moves to create a vibration. While this nothing new with mobile devices, it is all about the way in which Apple uses it in its smartwatch that makes it vital to the Watch experience.

While the mass production of the Apple Watch began back in February, the component began breaking down during testing, which lead to Apple changing its supplier for the same.

The WSJ reports that Apple has actually asked manufacturing facilities to slow down production. This is really odd since the Apple Watch inventory is clearly insufficient at best.

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All of this has resulted in Apple Watch shipments being immediately moved to June, which is quite a disappointment for those who have place their orders. On the other hand Apple is ready to push out shipments to its second wave of countries which is a bit strange.

Hopefully, the Cupertino giant gets it right and things move on smoothly as this is indeed Apple’s new product in years, especially the first one under the supervision of Tim Cook.


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Samsung Wants To Build An App Bank For Its Upcoming Orbis Smartwatch

Now pushing out SDKs to interested developers in a bid to launch with an app bank.


Samsung has now made it official that its round Orbis smartwatch actually exists and will be announced soon. The company did this by announcing the release of its software development kit (SDK) for its round smartwatch much before the launch of the wearable itself.

Clearly, Samsung like Apple is looking out for developers to develop apps for its smartwatch tagged as the Orbis.

Apple as we know just took its Watch App Store live today and certainly did not have a problem with over 3000 apps in its app bank at launch.

Since the Orbis will come with LTE bands (from what we know through leaks) we cannot expect Android Wear in there. This poses a big app gap for the Korean electronics giant, the one that it is trying to bridge by releasing the SDK before the launch.

We are pretty sure Samsung has already managed to pool in a number of big names in the industry to build apps for its upcoming smartwatch. This is visible from the little we can see at the bottom part of the registration website with prominent names such as CNN, yelp, Baidu, FidMe and more.

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Getting third-party developers to build apps for a custom OS; that is unique only to one smartwatch and nothing else is tough. Android Wear adoption would have been a simpler move.

Still then, it will be hard for Samsung to come up to speed with the Apple Watch unless it has something really innovative to talk about; something that even developers would be interested in supporting to get noticed.


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Google Makes Keep ‘Handy’ With Android Wear Support

You can not only view, but also create notes from your smartwatch.


While Google Keep is not the closest alternative to Evernote, it makes for a great quick note-taking app that every Android smartphone owner can make use of.

But with a new update, Google extends its app support to the Android Wear platform as well, by introducing a handy app that works in sync with your smartphone.

The new app update that comes from the Play Store and adds support for Android Wear smartwatches.

All you have to do to open the app is to simply say “Ok Google, open keep” and your notes show up on your smartwatch. Want to do more? Well, you can even take notes with the new app by saying “Ok Google, take a note” meaning that you can now even create notes from your Android Wear-powered smartwatch.

A very handy addition indeed, and all of this comes after Google Keep’s previous update that allowed for adding labels to categorise notes.


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Apple Watch App Store Goes Live With Over 3000 Apps

3000+ apps to choose from, provided you can get your hands on the smartwatch.


The App Store for Apple’s newest gadget has gone live. When you head to the Apple Watch app on your updated iPhone, you will no longer see a “coming soon” message, but the plethora of apps that Apple has managed to squeeze out from developers.

And there are plenty of them. Almost every major app or platform has an app that has been designed to work in sync with your Apple iPhone.

Moreover, if you now head to iTunes (both in the App Store on your phone or the desktop app) you will be treated to a “Works on Apple Watch with an iPhone” message for supported apps. This will be followed by screenshots of those tiny little Apple Watch apps below those of the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple Watch App Store

It is indeed impressive how Apple managed to pull off such large app bank in a short span of time; although we do know that plenty of developers were pushed to pull off the same. Compare this to Android Wear or any other smartwatch platform and you can tell that the Cupertino giant is pretty confident about its new product.

Apple Watch Apps in the App Store. Notice the "Offers Apple Watch App" message

What we also noticed was that there were plenty of apps that were developed in India that now also support the Apple Watch. So our guesses point to the smartwatch getting launched in India pretty soon.

Apple also seems to be rolling out its latest software update to owners who have just received their Apple Watch. Apple Watch OS 8.2 as it is called, makes restores possible.

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LG’s Watch Urbane To Go On Sale In India This Month

Better get clicking because those stocks are going to disappear.


LG has finally announced the availability of its Watch Urbane, which is powered by Google’s Android Wear. The Watch Urbane was announced back in February this year and now it seems that LG is ready for show time.

The Korean electronics giant made the news official via a press release stating that the smartwatch will be available for the Indian market (and worldwide) as soon as this month.

The release also states that the premium looking smartwatch will be exclusive to the Google Play Store for now.

Sadly though, like always there was no mention of the price tag.

Considering that LG is selling the smartwatch as a premium wearable, one can expect the prices to be high. But then again this not made out of precious metals but just comes coated with them.

The two options include rose gold and silver, both of which have stainless steel as the base metal. The display also looks bigger now that the bezels have been trimmed down.

When it comes to the hardware specifications, nothing has changed since the G Watch R. In terms of software, we have the latest version of the Android Wear software:

  • We get a 1.3-inch P-OLED Display (320 x 320, 245ppi)
  • Inside hides the same old 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory
  • The smartwatch includes all your usual sensors including Gyro, Accelerometer, Compass, Barometer and a PPG (Heart Rate Sensor)
  • As usual it is powered by a 410 mAh battery unit and runs Android Wear inside; all encased in a metal construction making it look like a classic timepiece

LG will announce the smartwatch’s pricing only once it becomes available.


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Google Brings In Update For Android Wear Devices

The update brings WiFi support, Always-On Apps, Drawing Emoji support and more.


It had been quite sometime since we heard about the updates for Android Wear.

But, now, Google is rolling out a huge update adding in some of the great features its users had been waiting for ever since they bought the device.

The new update brings with it WiFi support which means that the Android Wear has an additional data connection.

So, this means that, as long as your watch is connected to a WiFi network and your phone has a data connection, you will be able to receive notifications, send messages and use all your favourite apps.

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To add more, we know that almost all Android Wear devices come with an always-on screen to see time whenever required. And now, the update expands the same always-on screen option to apps, so that they can stay visible as long as you need them.

Also, the update allows users to draw hundreds of different emojis directly on the watch screen which is quite a relief for those who are fond of using smileys and emoticons very often in their messages.

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This update also supports many gestures for scrolling through notifications with the twist of your wrist, easier access to apps and contacts.