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DRIFE Begins Operations in Namma Bengaluru

~India’s first-ever blockchain-based ride-hailing platform has launched its first set of active operations in Namma Bengaluru, aiming to transforming the mobility industry~

DRIFE Begins Operations in Namma Bengaluru

DRIFE has officially announced their pilot launch in India. DRIFE is a decentralized ride-hailing platform built on blockchain technology and is the first-ever blockchain model to be implemented on the ground. Three months after the launch of their native $DRF token, DRIFE has announced its pilot launch in Namma Bengaluru, representing the first of many cities that the blockchain powerhouse is targeting.


The innovative platform was designed as an impact project with the intent of empowering the value creators and extractors within its ecosystem – the drivers and riders. With DRIFE there are no surge prices, no commission fees taken from the drivers, and a true marketplace where the fare is dictated by the community of Riders & Drivers. DRIFE has positioned itself to be the go-to taxi service of smart cities, focusing on progressive and sustainable tech solutions to deliver the best service, prices, and wages.


Commenting on the launch Ms. Firdosh Sheikh, CEO and Co-founder said “There are numerous ride-based apps and companies worldwide and we have come a long way since the inception of the horse and carriage and taxi services. In the modern era, the drivers are no longer reaping the benefits of their hard work keeping our lives moving and getting us to where we need to be. DRIFE's primary goal is to tackle the issue as it is built to end low wages and high demand for drivers. When 100% of the profits go to drivers, costs can be slashed, and the riders also stand to pay less for a higher quality experience."


She further stated “DRIFE’s ‘Ride the Change’ launch also marks a historic moment in the history of crypto and blockchain because it represents the first time a blockchain platform will become a part of our everyday lives. For years blockchain and crypto have been inaccessible to the majority of the world, but now they can take advantage of all of the benefits of blockchain technology with market dictated pricing, allowing for cryptocurrency to pay for everyday service and transparency that the traditional ride-hailing industry simply doesn’t have. It is an important step forward in global crypto adoption and another feather in the cap for blockchain as a use case on the path to establishing smart cities worldwide.”


DRIFE recently saw a massive surge of investment in its native $DRF token, showing a 1000% increase after the announcement of the pilot launch. DRIFE prides itself on having a real and easy to understand utility for the DRF token. It is currently tradable on MEXC Centralized Exchange and the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. The size of DRIFE’s community is one of the largest in the blockchain space, amounting to over 120,000 users across all social platforms. With the direction it’s headed, DRIFE will be positioned to take on the industry leaders in Uber and Lyft within the next decade.


About DRIFE: Founded by Firdosh Sheikh, Surya Ranjit & Mudit Marda, DRIFE is a decentralized ride-hailing platform built on blockchain technology and is the first-ever blockchain model to be implemented on the ground that offers 100% of the profits to drivers. DRIFE’s mission is to disrupt the existing business model and to create a fairer, efficient, transparent ride-hailing economy and decentralized mobility marketplace.

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