Sevenaire launches ‘NEPTUNE’ – 24W Portable Speaker with RGB LED Lights |

Sevenaire launches ‘NEPTUNE’ – 24W Portable Speaker with RGB LED Lights

The festive season is here and it’s time to rejoice – so why not start an instant party anywhere any time?

Sevenaire launches ‘NEPTUNE’ – 24W Portable Speaker with RGB LED Lights

·         24-Watts of Pure Immersive Audio

·         Up to 14 hours Audio Playback

·         Unique RGB Disco Lights in 7 colors

·         Multi-room Audio with TWS Dual Connect

Sevenaire introduces Neptune Speaker, a highly portable premium TWS speaker that boasts 24-watts of room-filling audio bliss with thumping bass and RGB LED lights. The Neptune is designed for Multi-Room Audio streaming using a twin speaker and 2 passive bass radiators so your parties can be extended to another room with ease.


Built using a combination of high-quality silicone, durable fabric and ABS plastic, the Neptune sports a premium finish and an elegant cylindrical design, and is equipped with LED Disco lights that are synched to the beats of the music and light up the party for real. The LED lights are ring shaped and placed on both the passive bass radiators of the Neptune Speaker so the lights do their magic regardless of the placement of the speaker.  Exhibits of the Disco lights are given in various videos on the brand’s website and amazon.


The body is IP67 water and dustproof so you can take your parties from the beach to the water without worry. Additionally, there’s a lanyard that can makes it easy to carry around or tie to your backpack. The Sevenaire Neptune is a cute little TWS Portable Speaker, available in two bold color variants – Black and Red.


But the cute look is a deception – there’s a beast trapped within that tiny cylindrical shape. Built around a powerful 24-Watt amplifier, the Neptune can produce surround sound with thumping bass so you can feel your music. Its twin subwoofers and the passive bass radiators produce great audio with zero distortion even at higher volumes and is a great competition to the big names in the audio speakers category. Music and movies will never sound the same before. Thanks to its high-end drivers delivering surround sound and thumping bass, you get to enjoy an immersive audio experience. The bass radiators are also equipped with 3-mode RGB color lights that are synced to the beats of the music and flash up the party to another level.


Need more power? Or want to extend your party to another room? Simply pair another Sevenaire Neptune using the TWS Dual Connect feature and double the volume or have a synchronized multi-room audio solution within seconds. Sound on both the Neptune speakers can be controlled from a single device. Now Mamaji can re-act his Nagin dance move in the living room while Mami practices some Thumka with the ladies in next room. The Neptune also features an in-built microphone for hands-free mode for calls, so you can keep your hands occupied serving sweets to your guests.

The Sevenaire Neptune boasts the latest Bluetooth v4.2 that offers superior connectivity over a longer distance and instant pairing to the source apart from immense power saving features. The Neptune also has a built-in 4400mAh rechargeable battery that gives it a playtime of up to 12-14 hours non-stop on a full charge. So fun at the beach or the camp will never be interrupted again. 

Pick a Sevenaire Neptune 24W TWS Portable Speaker for just Rs 4,999 from or

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