Big Apple Watch Update May Bring Multitude Of Features |

Big Apple Watch Update May Bring Multitude Of Features

All of these require a lot of changes and not to mention, permissions.


Even though the Apple Watch currently seems to be available only in a handful of countries, the device seems to be a success (for now) as demand has clearly exceeded supply. So it is obvious that Apple is aware of the problem and is taking user feedback seriously.

Today, there’s news coming from 9to5mac about a some more features that the Cupertino giant is apparently working on. Those that are related to security, health and fitness tracking, ones that it may incorporate in the near future.

We say ‘may’, because there are a number of hurdles like new hardware and approval from medical institutions that may lead to culling them even before they see the light of day.

One of these interesting features is ‘Find my Watch’. This would be similar to the Find my iPhone app that is available on iPhones, one that will let you lock, wipe and track the location of the same.

Along with ‘Find my Watch’ is a new feature (not new to the Android world) called ‘Smart Leashing’. Smart Leashing will reportedly alert you when you leave your iPhone behind. This however requires newer hardware, so it may in all probability make an appearance with the next version of the Apple Watch.

Next up, is a feature that is a bit controversial and helpful all the same. An update to the heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch will actually work overtime to sense and deliver notifications about irregular heartbeat in order to avoid what follows. Clearly, this would require the approval of the medical associations, which will not be easy due to the level of accuracy that medical devices deliver.

Lastly, we have a new widget-like UI called ‘complications’ (not the same as in traditional horology) that would appear over the watch face. One that would enable users to glance though information directly from the watch face. Obviously this will allow for third-party intervention, meaning you will soon see a number of interesting designs and ‘complications’ show up.

All of the above is clearly reserved for the next big update, which should be announced at the upcoming WWDC, which takes off on the 8th of June.


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