Apple Watch App Store Goes Live With Over 3000 Apps |

Apple Watch App Store Goes Live With Over 3000 Apps

3000+ apps to choose from, provided you can get your hands on the smartwatch.


The App Store for Apple’s newest gadget has gone live. When you head to the Apple Watch app on your updated iPhone, you will no longer see a “coming soon” message, but the plethora of apps that Apple has managed to squeeze out from developers.

And there are plenty of them. Almost every major app or platform has an app that has been designed to work in sync with your Apple iPhone.

Moreover, if you now head to iTunes (both in the App Store on your phone or the desktop app) you will be treated to a “Works on Apple Watch with an iPhone” message for supported apps. This will be followed by screenshots of those tiny little Apple Watch apps below those of the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple Watch App Store

It is indeed impressive how Apple managed to pull off such large app bank in a short span of time; although we do know that plenty of developers were pushed to pull off the same. Compare this to Android Wear or any other smartwatch platform and you can tell that the Cupertino giant is pretty confident about its new product.

Apple Watch Apps in the App Store. Notice the "Offers Apple Watch App" message

What we also noticed was that there were plenty of apps that were developed in India that now also support the Apple Watch. So our guesses point to the smartwatch getting launched in India pretty soon.

Apple also seems to be rolling out its latest software update to owners who have just received their Apple Watch. Apple Watch OS 8.2 as it is called, makes restores possible.

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