Cutting Corners: Are Square Smartwatches Dead? |

Cutting Corners: Are Square Smartwatches Dead?

What's odd is that the first round wristwear hasn't even made its way to the market yet

Cutting Corners: Are Square Smartwatches Dead?

Wearables have become the prime focus of every tech company, and the most popular form for now is the smartwatch. So far the segment has been dominated by devices sporting square screens, with a few exceptions such as Samsung's Galaxy Gear Fit, but they're rapidly progressing towards becoming obsolete.

While that could be written off as a harsh and wildly imaginative statement, looking at teasers and rumours surrounding upcoming products, there's a clear dearth of square smartwatches. The new designs also resonate a level of fashion-conscious design, addressing the second downfall of most of today's smartwatches.

Like it or not, smartwatches are about to get a lot more stylish, serving as a piece of jewelry rather than a mere gadget strapped to one's wrist. It wouldn't be completely wrong to say all manufacturers are following Motorola, who's Moto 360 has been widely acclaimed for its circular display and premium look and feel.

Most companies like Samsung and LG probably had circular smartwatches in the pipeline well before Motorola announced the Moto 360. However, they'll be beaten to the market by a relatively tiny American manufacturer with all signs pointing to the Moto 360's launch happening at the IFA trade show in Berlin next month.

LG has teased us with its circular wristwear, and Asus with one that even has a curved screen. Given the restriction on how big a smartwatch can get (unlike smartphones), there are only so many things manufacturers can do, but still we are getting to see some diversity in design.

Leader of the smartwatch space, Samsung, too is supposedly working on a smartwatch with a circular display, and we've seen other manufacturers like One Plus and even HTC play with the idea. Once again iterating the key point of this article, the lack of square-screened devices is quite shocking, especially considering smart wristwear hasn't been around for more than three years.

The simple explanation for this can be found in something Motorola hilighted when it showed us the Moto 360. Circular dials are the most popular style of dumb wristwear in the world, and it seems that the same applies for the smartwatch. It wouldn't be shocking to see a few new square smartwatches making their way to the market, but it's highly unlikely that they'll look as dull and drab as the current champion, LG's G Watch.

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