Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week - July 2 |

Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week - July 2

Here are the top 10 stories on TechTree that you may have missed during the week... 25th June to 1st July.

Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week - July 2

The past week saw some interesting developments in the consumer technology domain. There was the scare involving a virus that cleaned up your Android phone and then there was the christening of the next edition of the Android operating system. Of course, Team Techtree was unimpressed with the 'Nougat' as we preferred 'Neyyappam'. 

It was also the week where Apple celebrated the ninth anniversary of the launch of its first iPhone. We thought it was an appropriate moment to figure out how exactly this smartphone forced others to change. 

And there were the usual bits involving review of some products and apps as well as a tongue-in-cheek look at what technology does to our lives. Read on... 

1. AppView: Mekorama

The game is innovative and simple, and the design- all the work by Magni himself- is creative. There are 50 levels to begin with, and Magni posts new levels on Facebook and Twitter, which players can download. Users can also build their own levels, block by block- a clever idea that keeps avid gamers interested and invested. There are hints at every level, which are only available to those who pay, but the payment system is largely a pay-what-you-like one. Read The Full Story Here.

2. 9 Ways How iPhone Changed The Smartphone Industry

Even now, the words of Steve Jobs 'an iPod... a phone... an internet communications device...' still reverberate in our minds; the vision and the dream of the man of creating a device that fuelled the aspirations of both geeks and lay users alike.  Oh boy! What's even more captivating is that the legacy continues even nine years after Steve Jobs launched that first device. In terms of style, substance and technology, the iPhone has been ahead of the technology curve. The man who visioned this is no more, but his legacy continues. Read The Full Story Here.

3. Warning! Godless Is Out There Rooting Your Device

Type in 'Godless' in Google Search and what you get is nothing but the Android virus that's making a hell lot of noise lately. Reports have been stating that the new virus is capable of rooting almost 90 per cent of Android devices, and almost 50 per cent of the affected devices are in India. Before we actually dive into more info, let's understand what is 'Godless'. It is a malware with capabilities of rooting your device without your knowledge. Read The Full Story Here.

4. 9 Hot Android Smartphones Expected To Hit The Shelves Soon

There’s always another smartphone on the horizon. After the launch of major high-end models such as HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, OnePlus 3, Xiaomi Mi 5 and others in India, companies now seem likely to focus on the mid-range smartphone market in the next few weeks. Read The Full Story Here.

5. Origami Behind Modern Technology Innovations

Ever since something like 3D printing came into existence, creating and molding surfaces became a computer controlled automated activity and bought about many solutions to problems. But before all of this technology took over, the ancient Japanese art of Origami was behind creating wonderful aesthetic shapes and forms from flat surfaces.These days however,  it is also behind creating some of modern engineering's most innovative products such as origami pills as a replacement for invasive surgery, or folding solar panels on airplanes which can be furled and unfurled as per need. The theme of it all lies in the idea of transforming a flat surface into something totally different. Read The Full Story Here.

6. Micro-LED Display On The Cards Next For Apple Watch?

Ah, rumours. Heady things, as those clever inventors of tabloid journalism knew. The latest from the rumour mill is that Apple (headquartered at Cupertino… we all know Apple) is working on replacing the LCD display in the Apple Watch with a new Micro-LED display for the next evolution of the product. Read The Full Story Here.

7. Lenovo ZUK Z1: Strictly for the Savvy

The Zuk Z1 doesn't have a very inspired design. It's as plain Jane as can be and I'd be fairly disappointed carrying it around because it's big at 5.5 inches and not terribly narrow either, so one notices it. It has a metal frame and a plastic back though it's a unibody phone. It doesn't look bad, mind you... Just not built to turn heads. On the other hand, it feels solid and well-built and there are many who love its understated design. Read The Full Story Here.

8. Five Best Portable Speakers Under INR 2,000

If you have a taste for music, its a need to have to plug-in your music just about anywhere, and get listening. But then with the modern lifestyle, one also needs portability and wireless operations to make devices less cumbersome, and economic on the pocket. Read The Full Story Here.

9. Yu Yunicorn: No Mythical Creature

The unicorn may be elusive and legendary, but the Yunicorn is very much here and now, a biggish phone from Micromax's Yu Televentures. The Yunicorn looks very much like the  Meizu M3 Note, reviewed here recently, but scores over it despite the fact the M3 Note is Rs.9,999. The brushed metal back looks a bit classier and so do the glinting edges. It's just the front that looks like the Meizu M3 Note -- and every other phone around. Read The Full Story Here.

10. LG G5: First To Go Modular

For a couple of years there's been talk of whether phones should be modular. You have the same basic size and shape but you can always carry bits to add to the functions and features. At the Mobile World Congress this year, LG excited me no end by being the first to come up with this concept in real life and bring it to market. It even got awarded the best phone at the show. It all sounded good -- on paper. Read The Full Story Here.

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