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9 Ways How iPhone Changed The Smartphone Industry

A legendary device turned nine!

9 Ways How iPhone Changed The Smartphone Industry

Smartphones have come a long way, and the iPhone has to be one of the pioneers for sure. Launched in 2007 when smartphones were still very much like at  'pretty girl next door' whom you wanted to speak to but could not muster enough courage, the first iPhone went a long way in breaking that barrier. 

Even now, the words of Steve Jobs 'an iPod... a phone... an internet communications device...' still reverberates in ours minds; the vision and the dream of the man of creating a device that fuelled the aspirations of both geeks and lay users alike.  Oh boy! What's even more captivating is that the legacy continues even nine years after Steve Jobs launched that first device. In terms of style, substance and technology, the iPhone has been ahead of the technology curve. The man who visioned this is no more, but his legacy continues.

Here are 9 ways how the iPhone changed the mobile phone industry:

1. Made Smartphone More Exciting

Smartphones from BlackBerry, Nokia, and Motorola had already entered the market when Apple launched its first gen iPhone. People were able to make calls, access the Internet, and play music too. But the iPhone made them all more exciting for the first time with a clear and brilliant design.

2. Forced Other Smartphone Makers To Get Rid Of QWERTY Keyboards

Early smartphones by BlackBerry and Nokia had unique physical QWERTY keyboards (unlike the ABC keypads that came with cell phones) which allowed users to type business emails more efficiently. However, it was for the first time in 2007 when Apple launched iPhone with a full display screen, a software QWERTY keyboard was developed, which replaced the physical one.

3. Made Software Distribution More Simpler

Though cell phone users were able to purchase and install apps even before the iPhone was introduced into the market, the Apple App Store made the whole process easier. It was definitely a foundation stone for many mobile app stores like Android Market and Amazon App Store.

4. Standardised Music On Smartphones

Again, people were listening to music on their phones earlier. But, with iTunes mobile app developed by Apple, the entire scenario changed. Every user was able to get access to almost every song available in the market, instantly.

5. Revolutionalized Motion And Orientation Sensors

Apple introduced accelerometer and gyroscope into everyday life through iPhone, and that changed the way users play games, especially those like Asphalt Airborne. Also, these sensors paved way for compass as an app inside the smartphone itself.

6. Portrayed Smartphone As A Prominent Mobile Gaming Device

Gaming on the go meant handheld gaming devices from companies like Nintendo and Sony. However, with iPhone's growth, more and more developers started rushing in to the smartphone game development, even though many of them had backed out when Nokia's N-Gage in 2003 was made for the same purpose.

7. Rejected Stylus As Input Device

When a smartphone sports a complete large display screen with software keyboard, users obviously need an input device. Stylus was prominently used. However, Apple changed the scenario once again by allowing users to use their fingers as primary input device.

8. Improved The Way Users Touched The Screen

Though touch screen was not a new concept when Apple iPhone was launched, multi-touch was completely unheard of. Apple made it possible again and introduced multi-touch response with their first smartphone, and today, they have 3D touch, which works at its best possible level.

9. Revolutionized Smartphone's Usage For Business Persons

Back then, smartphones like Palm (Palm computers as it used to be called) had a prominent place in a business person's life. Especially, smartphones like BlackBerry and Nokia Communicator made a huge mark in that segment of the industry. However, apps were not up to the mark. Apple again revolutionized this by introducing OS X on their first smartphone and allowing users to actually engage in office works as much as they used to do with a computer or a mac.

The journey of Apple iPhone has been really great with more and more Apple fans joining the club. Unfortunately, many of them still miss Steve jobs. But, Apple as a company and iPhone as a device, both have a long way to go with all rumours coming up to us lately about the next iPhone 7.

A legendary device turned nine!

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