Five Best Portable Speakers Under INR 2,000 |

Five Best Portable Speakers Under INR 2,000

The speakers range from INR 959 to INR 1,999, fitting perfectly into your pocket!

Five Best Portable Speakers Under INR 2,000

If you have a taste for music, its a need to have to plug-in your music just about anywhere, and get listening. But then with the modern lifestyle, one also needs portability and wireless operations to make devices less cumbersome, and economic on the pocket.

Here are some portable speakers under the budget of INR 2000:

JBL Go - INR 1,999

Battery Life: 7 to 8 hours

Small speakers are traditionally not taken as great source of sound, but the JBL Go is quiet the surprise in a small package. Due to its 'smallbox' design, portability and space is the buyer's advantage, apart from features like Bluetooth, or even the auxiliary connection. Be sure to check out some of the exciting colors it provides.

Philips Wireless BT50 speaker - INR 1,383

Battery life: 6 hours

One of the things striking about this speaker is the form factor, which has a resemblance to that of  Droid. However, this creation from Philips stands for it's worth, and delivers genuine sound, and has add-on features like bluetooth connectivity and the 3.5mm audio-jack connectivity. In order to charge this speaker, there is the option of USB charging port, after which it can go on streaming music for around 6 hours.

Logitech X100 - INR 1,374

Battery life: 5 to 6 hours

For fans of a more circular design, the Logitech X-100 is a good option to choose from. Apart from the chassis design boasts of bluetooth connection and the quality of sound expected from a speaker like this one, though it might differ from that of a premium brand. However, the battery life is standard at around 5 to 6 hours on a full charge.

Portronics Pure Sound Portable Speaker - INR 1,299

Battery life: 8 hours

The best part of the Portronics Pure Sound speaker, apart from decent quality sound, is the connectivity it provides. Built-in with FM Radio, it can connect with laptops, microSD cards, USB, and also mobiles. It can also take on a memory card of upto 32GB.

Frontech JIL-3906 - INR 959

Battery Life: 5 to 6 hours

In terms of portability factor, this speaker is perhaps bang on the money for its form factor, weight, and size. Under the price band of INR 1,000, this is an ideal choice with the strictest of budgets, as it also provides certain handy features like AUX connectivity, apart from microSD read reading capabilities.

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