Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week - Dec 24 to Dec 30

Here’s the roundup of the Top 10 Stories of the week...

Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week - Dec 24 to Dec 30

With CES 2017 approaching, we have been seeing a number of smartphone leaks and announcements about products being showcased at the event. Especially, we have been hearing various rumours about iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Xiaomi Mi 6 along with many other smartphones.

This week, we saw a couple of those rumours coming our way, and some of them were very much interesting for sure. We came across a report that suggested Samsung may ship wireless in-ear headphones with Galaxy S8 in 2017, while other rumours hinted at Redmi Note 4X, Nokia TA-1000, and ZTE Blade 8.

Another rumour also hinted at a dual rear camera setup that may come with Xiaomi Mi 6, while LG announced a couple of products to be unveiled officially at CES 2017. We even heard that five Nokia smartphone may come into the market in 2017. Having said this, let us take a sneak at how this last week of the year was, before we step in and celebrate the beginning of 2017.

While a top 10 listicle would definitely not be enough to sum up this week, here's our try as we put in 10 best stories we have covered this week in consumer technology.

Samsung May Ship Wireless In-Ear Headphones With Galaxy S8

We all know that Samsung is working hard on its much rumoured smartphone Galaxy S8, so that the company can win back the trust of its loyal customers, after its Galaxy Note 7 debacle. While we have been witnessing a number of rumours and leaks about the new and interesting features that might come with the Galaxy S8, here’s one more to the list.

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Samsung May Be Working On A Foldable Smartwatch

Smartwatches with foldable display - isn’t it futuristic? Well, we don’t think so. A couple of recent patent filings hint at such designs, being developed by Samsung. According to Patently Mobile, two designs have been filed by Samsung: one may be a more sport and fitness oriented smartwatch while another seems to be sporting a foldable display. According to the patent images, we can see that the foldable smartwatch may be a slap-on bracelet.

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2016: The Year Of Tech Acquisitions

2016 has been quite an interesting year for the tech world. The smartphone space was dominated by Apple and Samsung. In next-gen computers, Microsoft challenged Apple with its sleek Surface line-up. In gaming, despite new hardware from the Xbox camp, Sony continued to rule the segment. However, this year's biggest headlines were around acquisitions.

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We May See Five Nokia Android Smartphones On Road In 2017

Almost every Nokia fan is waiting for its comeback into the smartphone scenario after almost a decade. Until now, we have come across rumours that three Nokia smartphones running on Android operating system may be unveiled during the MWC 2017, to be held in February.

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NASA Exploring The Possibility To Use Ice Shelters On Mars

In addition to Tesla and Boing, NASA too is optimistic about landing humans on the red planet. The American space agency is well aware of the harsh conditions on Mars and is working towards building possible shelters for the explorers. NASA's team at Langley Research Center, believes that ice is the ideal material to protect the humans from the high-energy radiation and extreme temperatures.

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Microsoft May Soon Introduce 'Game Mode' In Windows OS

When it comes to computer operating systems, Windows has always been the weapon of choice for gamers. MacOS never supported graphics intensive gamers. Moreover, Windows had advantage of Direct X system. Now it seems Microsoft is going a step further by adding a ‘Game Mode’ to its operating system. When activated, this mode will prioritise system resources for games to squeeze out more performance from your rig.

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Five Stupendously Expensive Gadgets You Could Buy In 2016

Gadgets are created by using the technological ingenuity, which enables us to perform daily tasks efficiently. Sometimes though, these devices want to marry luxury and the outcome is ridiculously expensive price tags. The sole purpose then is, well, to flaunt the hordes of money one doesn’t know how to spend.

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Chinese Phones That Dominated The Indian Market In 2016

It has been quite an interesting for the Indian smartphone market. With the launch of affordable 4G handsets, LTE connectivity saw rapid expansion. The boom in the e-commerce sector further facilitated the mobile phone business to grow. Mobile phones with biometrics became readily available at cheaper rates, which once seemed like a distant dream a few years back. Of course, all this was spearheaded by emerging brands from our neighbouring country. Xiaomi, OnePlus, Lenovo, Honor, and Le Eco received warm welcome in India.

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Xiaomi Mi6 May Sport Dual Camera Setup

Ever since Xiaomi Mi Mix was launched, no much speculations have come up about the company’s upcoming flagship device, the Mi 6. However, a recent leak hints at a new feature that could be available on the smartphone. Accordingly, the Xiaomi Mi6 will be sporting dual camera setup, which is actually the trend today. The phone may also feature a double-curved design and fast charging as well, according to the rumours.

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Israeli Scientists Develop A Breathalyser That Can Detect 17 Diseases

Israel is hard to beat when it comes to innovations. A team of scientists at the Israel Institute of Technology, led by Hossam Haick, have built a breathalyser that that can diagnose up to 17 diseases including certain type of cancer.

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