Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week - Dec 3 to Dec 9

Here’s the roundup of the Top 10 Stories of the week...

Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week - Dec 3 to Dec 9

This week has, as always, been a pretty interesting one with a number of rumours and reports showing up some cool stuffs happening in the consumer tech industry.

In sync with the demonetisation move by the Prime Minister, we all know that wallets are soon gaining their much expected status. However, stepping on to the next level, this week, Paytm announced a new payment method for non-internet users.

This week, we also witnessed a new patent filed by Apple which shows that the Cupertino tech giant is planning out for an Apple Watch with a round dial; how interesting! Also, we witnessed a report which showcased that around 3 in 400 fake Apple chargers were tested as safe to use, which again leads to the context - “always purchase original accessories”.

Additionally, we tried to take you down the memory line by reminding about those gadgets that have been rendered obsolete by smartphones. And, speaking about smartphones, we also came across Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom that comes with dual rear camera setup, which was listed on TENAA. We expect the smartphone to be unveiled during the CES 2017 event, held on Jan 4.

While a top 10 listicle would definitely not be enough to sum up this week, here's our try as we put in 10 best stories we have covered this week in consumer technology.

Upcoming Apple Watch May Come With A Round Dial

We’ve all known Apple Watch with a square design. But, have you ever imagined it with a circular design, pretty much like a Samsung Gear S2 or S3? Well, that seems to be the latest trend for the Cupertino tech giant. A recent report from Apple Insider speaks about an Apple patent filing published on Thursday, which hints at a circular dial, rather than its usual square display.

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Paytm Launches Payments Method For Non-Internet Users

Paytm has recently announced the launch of a new method of paying and receiving money without any Internet connection, via its new toll-free number. According to the recent press release, the toll-free number 180018001234 will empower millions of non-smartphone users to go cashless even without a smartphone.

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Fake Apple Chargers Bring Fatal Risks: Report

Apple is known for its quality products - be it smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet. But, the company’s accessories do not come with a friendly price tag, thus making it difficult for many people to purchase original accessories for their Apple devices. As a result, many consumers go for fake accessories. A charger is one such commonly available fake accessory for Apple devices.

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Remember These Gadgets Rendered Obsolete By Smartphones?

From computing to networking, there is hardly any task a modern day smartphone cannot perform. Ever since the mobile phones turned smarter about a decade ago, a slew of gadgets have been rendered obsolete. Of course, industry experts would use the cliché to suggest that the old has to be replaced by the new and innovation alone can render enterprises competitive.

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Google Allo Is Now Available In Hindi

Google has recently announced the roll-out of Hindi language support for its recently launched messaging application, Allo. The new updates to the Google Assistant-powered messaging app is said to be available on Android and iOS devices. According to a recent statement, the company has announced that the roll-out will be available for every user gradually in the coming days.

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Microsoft Completes The $26.2 Billion LinkedIn Acquisition

After announcing the deal back in June, Microsoft has completed the LinkedIn acquisition. Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, who hails from India, has splurged $26.2 Billion on a professional networking platform that nobody cares about. As a result of the deal, LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner will report to Satya Nadella.

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NASA Lands On Social Sharing Sites Giphy And Pinterest

You won't have to hunt for those peculiar rocket-science animated GIFs. The American space agency will be posting the snippets of movies images right on its Giphy account. This will also help NASA explain complex universe with visuals. These GIFs can also be accessed directly from the Twitter app by click the GIF button in the tool bar.

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Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom With Dual Camera Surfaces Online

We recently shared that Asus has sent out media invites for its Zenovation event that is happening on Jan 4, 2017, at the CES 2017, in Las Vegas. However, the invite gave us no clue about the smartphone that would be launched during the press conference. But, going a little back in time, we have come across reports that hint at a smartphone powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor being launched at the CES 2017 event. However, no further details do we know yet.

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Bluetooth 5 Brings Twice The Speed Of Bluetooth 4.2

We have been hearing about the latest Bluetooth v5 from a couple of months, when the technology was still under development. However, today, we seem to have new details about the spec sheet of Bluetooth 5.0, as given out by The Bluetooth Special Interest Group. According to a recent report published on GSMArena, the Bluetooth v5.0 is ready to be integrated into smartphone by manufacturers.

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Nokia D1C Basic Variant May Come With USD 150 Price Tag

We have all previously seen different renditions of Nokia’s upcoming Android based smartphone, the D1C, that has leaked continuously for a couple of times until now. A few rumours and speculations have also touted that the basic version of Nokia D1C may sport a 5 inch FHD display along with a 2 GB RAM. On the other hand, we have even seen a 5.5 inch variant that also sports FHD display and 3 GB RAM.

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