Nokia Lumia Ad Targets Lack Of Colour Choice In Apple iPhone 5

Implies that owners of brightly-coloured phones are a happier lot.

Nokia has joined the group of mobile phone makers who have been taking potshots at Apple's iPhone 5. Unlike its new Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones, the iPhone 5 is not available in a choice of colours. The German-made video shows people queuing up like sheep in the dull midnight darkness for an iPhone 5. The clip, titled Time to #switch, shows a bright-faced consumer in the queue asking for a coloured phone at the counter, trading in his own device — which appears to be an iPhone.

With its latest campaign, Nokia has joined the ranks of Samsung and Motorola, which had earlier made fun of Apple's flagship product through their ads. Unlike the latter two however, Nokia's ad stops short of berating Apple fanboys, instead implying that happy people naturally gravitate towards phones that match their mood — thus making the Lumia's offering of four colours and replaceable body panels the ideal choice.

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