Nokia Chief Opens Up About 2016 Smartphone Plans

The company will take a route similar to the N1 tablet.


Now that we know more about Nokia’s HERE Maps deal heading south, CEO, Rajeev Suri seems to have finally opened up giving out some details about Nokia’s plan to make an entry into the smartphone business.

While Nokia’s current N1 tablet is seeing good sales, it is not really selling in too many places. Moreover, this is not a Nokia product in the true sense because it is being made and sold in limited numbers by Foxconn in China.

CEO, Rajeev Suri in a conference finally broke his silence and has revealed that Nokia will follow the same strategy as the N1 tablet. The company will begin looking out for suitable partners to help launch the brand back into the smartphone business. One that it once ruled until Apple showed up.

These partners will simply manufacture and market the licensed Nokia-made design and software and sell it in markets of their choice.

Now that Foxconn is looking to set up a facility in India, we could expect the smartphone to begin selling in India along with China (where the N1 is currently selling).

The Nokia CEO, did not give out any other details about the upcoming handset but confirmed that it will stay away from the industry until the second half of 2016. This is because Microsoft’s deal with Nokia does not even allow the Finnish company to begin licensing the product until that time.

It was just recently, that we heard about Nokia’s Moonraker smartwatch that was culled just before launch. Seems like Microsoft has indeed played its cards well even with the acquisition so that Nokia is nowhere to be heard of in the smartphone business until Microsoft establishes itself as a mobile devices company. Still then, we must comment that Microsoft’s time is running out... fast.


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