Nokia Looking To Sell HERE Maps To German Automotive Group

Not satisfied with the current bid.


It is indeed all about the ‘to and fro’ between Nokia and its bidders for its HERE Maps division. Seems like Nokia is interested in selling off its maps division to potential bidder, that is a group of German carmakers. But for now the 4 billion USD bid seems a bit too less.

The Finnish company is expecting another round of bidding even though, many of its bidders have moved out because of Nokia’s genuine interest with the automotive group.

The 4 billion USB bid seems like a small talk for a massive mapping division. More so because Nokia acquired Navteq Corp back in 2008 for 8.1 billion USD.

While Nokia’s CEO, Rajeev Suri did mention a month earlier that the company is not in a hurry. It seems like the dropping value of HERE Maps will force the company to close the deal at the same price, before it hits the ground.


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