Rumour: An iOS App For Android Wear Is In The Works |

Rumour: An iOS App For Android Wear Is In The Works

Will give iOS users a lot more variety to choose from.


As of today, Android Wear is indeed the platform to beat when it comes to smartwatches (both sales and variety). While many (manufacturers) believe that Android Wear may not be the perfect platform for pulling off the same, Google seems to think otherwise.

This is because news has surfaced online (from France) that Google may actually be readying an Android Wear app for iOS. While the news itself is enough to give Apple something to worry about (due to the sheer variety) we think everyone needs to worry about the Pebble Time more than anything else.

An iOS app for Android Wear will change a lot of things and may be Google’s attempt at eating into the Apple Watch’s sales numbers. Still then, aside from the UX, there is nothing new to check out on both sides.

Battery life still remains for a day on a single charge, which is why the 7 day Pebble Time seems to be getting a lot of attention (14 million dollars in Kickstarter funding so far).

Smartphone manufacturers also seem to be thinking likewise. Google’s Android Wear is indeed a power hog and if manufacturers have to deliver something better, they have to switch to a custom-made OS and newer custom-made chipsets that will help them accomplish the same.

Strangely, this is already happening. While Samsung has always stuck to its Tizen-based OS for smartwatches (except the Gear Live), LG recently showcased the LG Watch Urbane LTE with webOS underpinnings.

So instead of looking at iOS (a shortcut), we suggest that Google actually works on making Android Wear more efficient instead. Apple is expected to launch its Apple Watch on 9th of March at its 'Spring Forward' event.


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