Apple Sends Out Invites For Mystery March 9 Event |

Apple Sends Out Invites For Mystery March 9 Event

In all probability, will unveil the Apple Watch.


Apple has begun sending out invites to the press for a mystery event to be held on the 9th of March. While our guesses point straight to the Apple Watch, the Cupertino giant could unveil something bigger like the updated MacBook Air and much more. We would place our bets on the Apple Watch, since Tim Cook mentioned that the smartwatch would launch in April during an earlier earnings call.

Indeed Apple’s focus will be on its Apple Watch. While the company showed off the smartwatch in a demo video at its iPhone 6 event last year, it clearly did not have a working unit back then.

Apple had made a lot of big promises on stage during the event and we yet have to see if the smartwatch can deliver all of those interesting features.

While some of the health-monitoring features of the Apple Watch were dropped due to problems with approvals from organizations such as the FDA, it seems that the company has blamed other factors such as hairy arms and various skin types that led them to cancelling the same.

Still then, everyone is waiting for a proper demo of what may be a game-changing smartwatch for Apple fans and hopefully Apple being Apple, does not disappoint.


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