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OnePlus Drops Cyanogen Branding

While OxygenOS isn’t ready yet, the company seems to have steered clear from the whole software fiasco.


What was indeed the coolest bit about the OnePlus One, is now gone. OnePlus is now shipping handsets around the world without the Cyanogen tramp stamp on the back cover. Seems like the company’s tiff with Micromax in India has indeed lead to the loss of its software highlight.

But there is a ray of hope, OnePlus recently announced the name for its new mobile OS based on Google’s Android. OxygenOS as it will be called worldwide, is pretty much ready for show time this month and OnePlus promises it to be a bloatware-free UX.

Unboxed handset minus the branding.

In a way it actually makes things better for OnePlus, now that both hardware and software come from the manufacturer. We are pretty sure OnePlus may add a number of One specific features that will make it special for One owners.

As for Cyanogen, it seems to be fighting its own war with Google as it plans to build its own software to compete with Android. And as far as things seems to going, its getting of plenty of backers, including big names like Microsoft.

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