OnePlus One Sales Ban Lifted Temporarily |

OnePlus One Sales Ban Lifted Temporarily

Patent case to start afresh in two weeks time.


It's good news for OnePlus fans, as the Delhi High Court has finally allowed OnePlus to resume the sales of its “flagship killer” smartphone, the OnePlus One in India. The court has sided OnePlus in its latest hearing and stated that both OnePlus and Cyanogen will be required to file their responses to the application filed by Micromax, stating that Cyanogen was the “villain” and Micromax did what anyone would do in such a situation.

In short the court felt bad for OnePlus and the fact that it was not allowed to defend itself until the 7th of January, which is when the next hearing takes place. This is more so because both handsets do not even fall in the same market segment. The Micromax Yureka will retail for Rs 8,999 starting from the second week of January 2015, while the OnePlus One sells for Rs 22,000.

The court felt that it was incorrect for a single judge to come to a conclusion, again by not giving the parties time to file their pleadings. So for now OnePlus gets the green signal to sell its handset via until the fresh case begins. We are pretty sure that the court has Cyanogen in its crosshairs and will be looking at the company for foul play.

The whole issue arose when Cyanogen sold its Cyanogen OS 11 to Micromax in India, which is when Micromax discovered that OnePlus already sells the One with a similar OS in India. Still then, OnePlus uses the custom-made Cyanogen 11s version of the ROM on its smartphones, which is a bit different from standard Cyanogen stuff.


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