Android Lollipop Update Coming To ASUS Zenfones In April 2015 |

Android Lollipop Update Coming To ASUS Zenfones In April 2015

Leaked update roadmap shows updates not only for smartphones but for tablets as well.


ASUS so far has not been too lazy with the Android KitKat update for its recently launched Zenfone range. The Taiwanese company seems to want to keep up that pace with Google’s upcoming Android Lollipop update as well; or so it seems from a leaked update roadmap that has surfaced online.

The leaked update roadmap shows that all of the new Zenfone devices are eligible for the Android Lollipop update. This includes the Zenfone 4 that comes with 1 GB RAM along with the Zenfone 5 and 6. Also included are the Asus Padfone devices including the Padfone S and the Padfone Infinity.

While the Zenfone range will receive their Android Lollipop update starting April 2015, the Padfone Infinity will be the last of the lot to receive the notification somewhere in June 2015.

Indeed this is a leaked roadmap, but it does bring some peace of mind to Zenfone users in India giving them a sign of hope that their devices will receive Android Lollipop. We have yet to hear from ASUS about the official update roadmap which we guess will happen once Google outs its final build of Android Lollipop.


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