Will You Buy A Windows 10-Powered Mi Pad From Xiaomi?

Analyst points out that the company is working on it.


Everyone is building cheap Windows 8.1-powered tablets in India. Now whether or not these affordable tablets and 2-in-1s will get upgraded to Windows 10; and more importantly, work flawlessly with them is another question altogether. However, the bottom line stands that Windows-powered 2-in-1s are appealing to consumers in India, so what happens if Chinese device maker Xiaomi, decides to build one?

Well, there are currently plenty of affordable tablets that run Windows 8.1 in the Indian market. These includes brand like ASUS, Dell, iBall, and now even InFocus that showcased a product at a recent launch event.

So clearly, India’s hottest brand in the smartphone space would certainly like do its own take on the affordable Windows-based tablet. Well, news coming from a known Chinese analyst, Pan Jiutang, states that Xiaomi is already working on such a product.

Even shocking is the rumour that it plans to launch such a tablet in this very quarter.

We all know that Xiaomi is playing nice with Microsoft these days. The company is working with Microsoft to run and test its hardware with the soon to be launched version of Windows 10 for Mobile.

So we do know that Mi 4 smartphone powered by Windows 10 is in the works. But a Mi Pad running Windows 10 changes the ball-game a bit.

Xiaomi seems like a pretty trust-worthy brand these days, with Indian buyers flocking to its flash sales from time to time. More so, their after sales network is growing, which will build confidence for its buyers adding to its sales momentum that never seems to drop. Along with Xiaomi, Microsoft will also see plenty of sales on its software front.

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Windows 10 on a quality tablet with the right specs, indeed makes for a good product. But Xiaomi will have to ensure that there is a soft keyboard included in the package to market it as a 2-in-1 instead of a tablet. This is because everyone knows that Windows 10 users will not be buying it to run apps, but to get some serious work done with it.


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