Nokia Has Big Plans For Its Return To The Smartphone Market |

Nokia Has Big Plans For Its Return To The Smartphone Market

Planning today for 2016 certainly would not hurt.


Nokia is one company that somehow manages to make news even though it is not really coming up with anything new. Its recent accomplishments in the mobile space include the Z Launcher and the N1 Tablet that made waves during launch but now seemed to have died out.

Still then, today’s news is refreshing indeed. re/code managed to get a few snippets via inside sources and claims that the company is planning a big come back.

While its recent $16.6 billion deal to buy Alcatel-Lucent has nothing to do with this; it along with the recent rumours of Nokia putting its Maps business up for sale certainly got the attention of many.

It indeed goes to show that everyone’s interested when you are sitting with a portfolio of about 10,000 patents (Nokia Technologies).

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And its not just the smartphone market that Nokia is planning to enter when its deal with Microsoft ends in 2016; it’s virtual reality as well.

Nokia’s way of making it to the surface (after its troubled past) gradually by licensing its software and entire products for other manufacturers to build, sell and support is smart; but a risky one.

Hopefully, we get to see a Nokia C1 powered by Android getting announced soon.


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