After A Record-Breaking Quarter, Apple Takes On Android As Well |

After A Record-Breaking Quarter, Apple Takes On Android As Well

It’s the iPhone 6 versus the Android smartphones from the multitude of manufacturers.


Steve Jobs would indeed be a very happy CEO if he was alive today. The analysts at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech have outed their quarterly report with respect to the smartphone market, and the results, at least for the USA are indeed shocking.

For starters, Apple actually managed to sell more iPhones this quarter than all the Android manufacturers together. After that mind-blowing quarterly report, there indeed could be no better news that this, for CEO, Tim Cook.

What the above also translates to is that Apple actually got the iPhone right for once and managed to draw in some Android users, thanks to the bigger screen as well. More importantly, its the iPhone 6 (and the Plus) versus the Samsung GALAXY S5 that happened to be the only popular handset to be given as a gift during the holiday season.

In terms of numbers, Apple won by just a 0.1%, which may not be big but indeed tells us a lot about consumer choices in US.

Android still remains the biggest mobile OS worldwide at 66.1%, but Apple did gain the top spot for brand loyalty as well with an 87% landslide in both US and Europe.

Seems like the past SVP of Google, Vic Gundotra’s switch to an iPhone 6, pretty much sums it all up.


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