Google Gives Android One Owners A Heads-Up About The Lollipop Update

It seems to be pretty lethargic considering that the One range is a poor man’s Nexus.


Google has finally given frustrated One owners a heads-up about when it will be delivering its Android 5.0 Lollipop update. And as always, it was as random, as “in the next few weeks”.

This is indeed shameful considering that smartphone manufacturers who have built smartphones (XOLO One) using similar hardware in India, have already begun seeding the Android Lollipop update.

Ever since the launch of the Android One range at Google I/O, the handsets were indeed perceived to be the poor man’s Nexus. The affordable smartphones came with entry-level specifications and were said to deliver updates as quickly as the Nexus range.

While Google is struggling to deliver updates to its Android One range, Cyanogen earlier announced that it would support the same to add fuel to the fire.

Cyanogen recently made things official about taking Google head on, by developing its own software after year’s of using Google’s Android source.


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