HTC One M9 Surfaces On GeekBench; Shows Promise |

HTC One M9 Surfaces On GeekBench; Shows Promise

Scores higher than last year’s One (M8), but nowhere close to the HTC Nexus 9.


While the web is certainly not short of news about HTC’s upcoming One M9 flagship smartphone, there is always something new and interesting that pops up often. This time around the GeekBench scores have shown up on the app’s website and things do look impressive.

The HTC One M9 clearly will be one of the most exciting announcements this year at the upcoming MWC. While Samsung will also have something impressive to show with its GALAXY S6, things haven’t been confirmed just yet.

The leaked GeekBench scores on the other hand are impressive. While it does not stand up too well against the Apple iPhone 6 Plus (1628) or The HTC Nexus 9 (1895), the 1232 single core score on the benchmarking tool is impressive in its own right.

We do get other details about the chipset as well, however the clockspeed shows an unusual 1.5 GHz with an octa-core set up. While we expected something in the range of 2.0 GHz or more, this is indeed something new.

Moreover the tool clearly mentions that this is the Qualcomm chipset and not a MediaTek one that seems to be headed to the Chinese market.


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