Apple Watch May Hit Store Shelves By March |

Apple Watch May Hit Store Shelves By March

The company seems to have set its schedule for retail training to begin in February.


While many were awed by the Apple Watch when the company unveiled it at the iPhone 6 event in Cupertino, there was nothing other than a video reel and a couple of dummy demo units available for the world to sample. Apple itself was a bit unsure as the company could not give a definite launch date regarding the roll-out of its first wearable. After a number of leaks and assumptions, we have another one. And while the previous ones were simply guesses, this one comes with some information to back it up as well.

News is that Apple has scheduled the launch of its Apple Watch in March. While the Cupertino tech giant had earlier stated a vague “early 2015” time frame for the launch of its first smartwatch, today’s news comes with some interesting bits as well. Seems that Apple has also scheduled the training for the new smartwatch for its store representatives from the 9th to the 16th of February.

The source also mentions that the Apple Watch software is currently being tested and polished, while the company is working on improving the battery and the inductive charging mechanism as well.

But all of this clearly depends on the manufacturing process and also on the software development as these two could lead to a postponement in the above mentioned schedules. As of now things seem to be on track and March is the month planned for the launch.


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