Apple Watch Can Only Last A Day An A Single Charge |

Apple Watch Can Only Last A Day An A Single Charge

While the company showed off a plethora of features at the event, it clearly did not want to reveal the device’s battery life.


It is an issue that many have been pointing out and nobody has an answer for; the Apple Watch’s battery life. While Apple showed off everything that the smartwatch can do, it clearly was mum on the watch’s battery life. Well, re/code got in touch with an Apple spokesperson who kind of confirmed the same in way by saying “It’s about a day right now,” .

Perfectionists that they are, Apple certainly seems to be perplexed about how the battery life of the Apple Watch can be increased. While the company will be releasing the iWatch next year, we are pretty sure that they will want to deliver better battery life compared to the Android Wear-powered smartwatches in the market.

Considering that the company has taken advice from a number of experts in the watch industry, it would have made more sense if the company came up with an alternative solution for charging the device. This could come from solar power or even a kinetic rotor for that matter. The watch industry certainly has innumerable ways to take care of the problem but it certainly comes at a price. Now that the Apple Watch is priced pretty high, Apple better make sure that it at least lasts more than a day. Still then, iFans would not mind paying for a smartwatch that barely gets through a day of use. The older iPhones are proof of that.

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