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Will Battery Life Be The Biggest Threat To Apple Watch?

It looks like Apple is expecting the users to charge the wearable every night


A day after the hype around the Apple Watch has settled down it looks like the more than the presence of the competitors or its price, the battery life is going to be the biggest threat for the Watch.

While all the focus was on the features and the specs at the Cupertino, where the event was held, now the questions being raised about the battery life are leading to some ugly answers. The company also on its part made no effort to bring anything that was related to battery life during the event.

During the event, the company's CEO Tim Cook said, "(Apple Watch) can be worn all day, for any occasion."

This looked like more of an evasive answer and looked like the company was keen not to delve into this issue.

Some were curious to get a clear picture and when <re/code> asked the Apple spokesperson, it was met with a similar response. “There’s a lot of new technology packed into Apple Watch and we think people will love using it throughout the day,” Nat Kerris said. “We anticipate that people will charge nightly which is why we designed an innovative charging solution that combines our MagSafe technology and inductive charging.”

This might spell some trouble for the company if the watch has to be charged every day, because the Watch becomes useless if not charged within 24 hours.

In an age when people are disappointed when the battery life of a smartphone doesn’t last a day, a watch that has to be charged every day might prove to be a bane on the wrist. Even though none of the wearables have managed to crack this problem, because Apple Watch is priced higher one would expect a better battery life. 

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