Votes Up: XOLO Play More Popular In India Than Micromax Canvas 4 |

Votes Up: XOLO Play More Popular In India Than Micromax Canvas 4

32% percent of our readers though have no affection for local brands.


That India is a dumping ground for products is a sad truth that we can't ignore. Most of the so-called Indian manufacturers merely rebrand Chinese products and sell it as their own. The most recent example is that of the Mircomax Canvas 4, which may actually be a re-branded BLU Life One. That 32% of our readers who responded to our poll don't seem to trust local brands, is more because of the lack of after sale service and proper customer care, rather than the product itself.

Among the so called domestic brands, Micromax and XOLO seem to be the most popular though. Both companies with their respective flagship devices seem to be high on the Fandroid wishlist. On the other hand, Karbonn with its Titanium S9 hasn’t been able to garner as many eyeballs with just 9% of the votes. Micromax's dominance over the Indian buyer finally seems to have been challenged, and XOLO Play looks like the current hot favourite. A deviation from the done-to-death Mediatek SOC to NVIDIA Tegra 3, clearly seems to have tilted the scales in XOLO's favour.

Although both of them cater to a different audience base (photography enthusiasts and gamers), the companies need to realise that it's not about how many handsets they sell, but rather how many loyal customers they manage to retain. In short, one advice we can give these brands is to have better equipped call centers, and sort customer issues in good time. Oh yes, and have customer care numbers that actually work.

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