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Yahoo Terminates Certain Services: To Focus More On User Requirements

The once-popular Yahoo Chat Rooms were also done away with earlier, in a bid to focus on users' current requirements.


Yahoo stated in a blog post that it is going to terminate five more of its services, due to the company taking a "hard look" at products to ensure that they cater to users' current requirements. We are surprised though, with the extremely short notice period Yahoo! has given to users of these services; a few more weeks or months may have helped (admittedly few) users conduct a more orderly transition.

Ever since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO last year, Yahoo! has been making changes to its core offerings and even shutting down a few - might we say, in the footsteps of Google where she had quite a long stint. A couple of days ago, Yahoo released a "useful" weather app for Apple's iPhone, to give more priority to images and visual content on mobiles. Their homepage was also revamped, to be "More Social", and Optimised For Mobile Devices.

Starting from 30th April, services such as Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts, Yahoo Kids, Yahoo Mail/Messenger feature phone (J2ME) apps, along with the older version of Yahoo Mail (whose last date is 3rd June) are not going to be available. The killing of these services are a continuation of the company's "sharpening of focus" strategy which began with the termination of Yahoo's Blackberry application, Message Boards, Sports IQ, app search and the Avatar services, in March earlier this year. Also, in December last year, the internet company killed its "popular" chat rooms service.

In the current scenario, Yahoo has released a guideline for users of its services that will be terminated:

  • Yahoo Upcoming: Service would be killed starting April 30, users who have uploaded events can click here to check how to download the details of their events. Even Upcoming API will go away from April 30.
  • Yahoo Deals: As of April 30, 2013, Yahoo! Deals will be going away. Users can get details about how to save coupons prior to the axing of the service.
  • Yahoo SMS Alert services: Users who are under 13 can register for a Yahoo! ID through Yahoo's Family Accounts program, connect with family and friends through Yahoo! Mail and Messenger, and check out upcoming family friendly films on Yahoo! Movies. Service slated to end April 30.
  • Yahoo Mail and Messenger feature phone (J2ME) apps: As of April 30, 2013, the Yahoo! Mail and Messenger apps for feature phones (J2ME) will be going away. However, yahoo would continue to support Yahoo! Mail and Messenger via mobile web for users with feature phones. Yahoo! Mail apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8; and Yahoo! Messenger apps for Android and iOS are also offered.
  • Older Yahoo Mail: Beginning June 3, 2013, older versions of Yahoo! Mail (including Yahoo! Mail Classic) will no longer be available. Users of these versions would have to switch to the newer versions of Yahoo Mail.

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