Portable Speaker Recommendations Under Rs 5000

List of modern-day boomboxes that don't cost a bomb.

Portable Speaker Recommendations Under Rs 5000

After cinema halls and televisions, content consumption has come down to mobile phones. There are times, when you don't want to use earphones. This is where the portable speakers come to the rescue. These modern-day equivalent of boomboxes come in many shapes and sizes. If you are looking for something affordable, here are a few portable speakers that cost less than Rs 5000.

Street Price: Rs 1500

If you are on a tight budget, nothing offers more value than the JBL Go. The neat looking device produces more sound than you would expect considering its size. On a single charge, it lasts for five hours.

Portronics Glitz
Street Price: Rs 3000

Fancy a JBL Pulse, but wish not to spend more than 10k? Consider the Portronics Glitz. It comes with an LED light show that creates a party ambience instantly. Plus, it comes with plenty of features such as NFC, microSD card slot, and on-device controls.

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JBL Flip 2
Street Price: Rs 4400

If the sound quality is your criteria, look no further. Unlike most budget speakers, the Flip packs-in two separate drivers capable of delivering wide range of frequencies. Especially, the bass it offers is hardly matched y any product in this category.

Sony SRS-X11
Street Price: Rs 4400

For those who want their portable speakers to be as good looking as they sound, Sony SRS-X11 is a great choice. Despite its tiny size, the device offers features such as speakerphone, NFC, and about 10 hours of battery life.

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