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A Nokia Lumia For Everyone?

Am I the only one getting a sense of déjà vu, or will the Finnish manufacturer launch an insane number of WP models, just like old times?

A Nokia Lumia For Everyone?

Nokia introduced its Lumia series of smartphones to designate handsets running Windows Phone OS, when it switched allegiance to the budding new mobile OS. With this move, the company turned its focus away from its trusted-but-ageing and declining Symbian.

The Finnish mobile phone maker started off with two Lumia models - the flagship 800 and the mid-range 710, both running Windows Phone 7.5. Instead of turning to the lower-end market, Nokia then introduced the Lumia 900, which was its flagship WP7.5 phone, and was therefore priced higher than the other two. The Lumia 900 didn't really sell well, and at the time that these models were deemed to be too expensive by most buyers.

Nokia then introduced the Lumia 610 with a stripped down configuration, targeting those who wished for a WP7.5 phone, priced a little under Rs 10,000. Nokia didn't introduce any other WP7.5 phone after that.

When Windows Phone 8 was launched in 2012, Nokia announced the Lumia 920 (its WP8 flagship), 820 (mid-end), and the 510 , which is an entry-level WP7.8 handset. While it was generally felt that all the main price segments have been covered, Nokia later released the Lumia 620 (mid-range), 720 (higher mid-range), and yet another entry-level 520. Of these, the 720 and 520, have been launched at the MWC 2013, and aim to provide Windows Phone 8 smartphones to those who can't afford the more expensive versions.

However, that has created a problem of plenty. There are too many Lumia options for a buyer who wants to pick up a Nokia WP phone. Things get more complicated as the company continues to sell the older Lumia smartphones (based on WP7.5) alongside its new WP8 phones. Even without considering geography-specific special versions that exist, there are now ten Nokia Lumia models.

Nokia's Lumia story, on the whole, gives me a feeling of déjà vu. I remember how Nokia had an insane number of phones a few years ago, with tongue-twisting model numbers that gave me nightmares: I usually had a hard time distinguishing one from the other. However, it seems that the strategy worked at the time: Nokia remained at the top of the mountain, selling the maximum number of phones for several years. Samsung also adopted this strategy (confusing number of phones and model names), and guess what? It worked just as well for the Korean company too. If Nokia plans to revisit its original strategy (of bombarding consumers with insane number of mobile phone models in guise of offering "choices"), then we may witness a resurgence of the Finnish manufacturer. In its defence, the Lumia series at least offers more design variants and colours to show.

For that alone I am ready for the onslaught, even if it means more nightmares. I will only hope that Nokia will go a little bit easy, and space out the launch of the number Lumia of variants.

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