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Everything That Apple Announced At WWDC 2016

The annual developers’ conference saw Tim Cook sharing many plans.

Everything That Apple Announced At WWDC 2016

The Apple Developers’ Conference this year began generating interest several months ago. Of course, Apple-haters may snigger and say, “So, what’s the big deal? They do that every year.” However, this year was truly different because for the first time in its history, the company posted lower quarterly sales.

Hardware sales slowed down, leading to questions about the company’s sustainability and Tim Cook’s own future. Though the financial numbers weren’t low enough to cause alarm, there were questions about Apple’s continued reliance on in-house technology innovations and aversion to open source.

And, so it was that Tim Cook announced that the company hopes to bolster its services by making the hardware smarter and opening up software to external interventions. And, the technology world smiled!

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Here is a list of things that came up during the opening day of the conference…

Apple Watch: The keynote began with a focus on Apple’s latest poster child – the Apple Watch. It was mentioned that the upcoming watchOS 3 update, the app load speeds would become seven times faster while a new dock feature and a control center will also appear. There was also a mention of quick reply buttons with pre-written responses and a handwriting support app.

tvOS: Next on the list was the operating system on Apple TV. Last year, the company introduced third-party development on the device. This year the talk is about launching a new remote app to overcome challenges related to misplaced remote controls. Additionally, the new tvOS also has a single sign-on mode that allows users to log in once to access all channels provided by the cable operator. Indians can only drool for now!

MacOS: Yes, that’s the new name given to the operating system on the MacBook and desktops. The latest version is called ‘Sierra’ and the theme is ‘continuity’. What does this mean to commoners? Well, if you wore an Apple Watch, you can unlock your laptop by just getting close to it. There is also a Universal Clipboard that lets users copy text from one device and paste it on another.  Of course, the iCloud hovers in the background, ready to receive older files to make room for new ones. More important is that the Sierra brings Apple Pay and Siri to the desktop.

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iOS10: The company announced some updates on this front too. It starts with a new lock-screen with a ‘raise-to-wake’ feature – something we saw in the Moto X’s active display notifications at a glance. There is also a 3D Touch notification to reply to messages or apps from the lock-screen while a swipe to the right gets the user to the camera. Of course, the most important bit was reserved for the last – Siri is now open for developers to play around with! Welcome, third-party Apps!!

Image Courtesy: Telegraph

Other changes:

Pictures: There is a map-view available for photos that would allow users to recall where the photos were clicked. There is also facial recognition features that will allow users to point who’re present in these images. It would also allow slideshows (movies) based on pictures taken at a single event or a time frame.

Maps: There would be new recommended shortcuts to find the exact locations on the maps, especially if the user is looking for specific searches like restaurants or gas stations. Apple also decided to open up maps to external developers.

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Music: The redesign was announced some time ago. It will have larger photos, better tabs to find music recently added or downloaded etc. A lyrics tab and a daily-curated list is also getting adding. Remember Spotify folks?

News: The look would resemble Apple Music with large fonts that separate each section. Other than this cosmetic change, there is nothing much that was shared at the event.

Finally if you are a regular user of the iPhone for making calls, there is a possibility that you could get voicemail transcriptions. There is also a possibility that third-party providers would help detect spam phone calls – did someone not tell Tim Cook about TrueCaller?


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