The Budget-Friendly Diwali Gift Guide |

The Budget-Friendly Diwali Gift Guide

These tiny tech wonders will cater to the tech friendly and the non-techie as well.

The Budget-Friendly Diwali Gift Guide

The festival of lights fortunately also comes with a gifting clause and while not many will be able digest out our pricey Ultimate Diwali gift guide, we have also come up with a more pocket-friendly one with some great suggestions.

The following budget gift guide is less fancy compared to our previous one.

But it does come with some handy tech hardware that many will find of good use in day-to-day activities. Moreover, the guide below caters to both the techie and the the not so tech-friendly audience, because they make for some really easy to use gadgets.

1. Teewe 2 Streaming Stick: Rs 2399

The Teewe 2 streaming stick may be small in size, but it does pack in quite a punch. Simply put, it allows you to stream your favourite content from the internet or your mobile device to your TV.

Unlike a Chromecast that is limited to YouTube streaming in India (that too via the internet), Teewe takes a wider approach by letting you stream photos, videos and music from your smartphone locally to your TV and even stream YouTube. There’s even premium content that you can subscribe to for a price, that includes Hindi movies & TV shows. What’s more is that you can even browse the internet from your TV; and all of the above is completely wireless.

2. Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth Speaker: Rs 4700

Sony’s SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker is a mini wonder. Among the many portable speakers that we have tested out here at TechTree, the X11 stood out with clear sound and well managed bass levels. It is all about quality construction and sound, packaged into a timeless cube-like design with easy to use controls.

3. Yu Yunique Smartphone: Rs 4999

The Yu Yunique may not win any smartphone award, but it is the smartphone in the budget category that gets the job done. We reviewed the Yu Yunique at TechTree and found it to be a great budget all-rounder with a sharp display and a great price tag along with features to match. A smooth interface that is almost stock Android Lollipop makes this a great smartphone for beginners.

4. Sony MDR-XB30EX Headphones: Rs 1861 onwards

Headphones do make for some great gifts and everyone uses them, be it with MP3 players, mobile phones or even tablets. Sony’s MDR-XB30EX headphones deliver superior bass levels, but that does not mean that the audio is not balanced. At Rs 1861 they may seem a bit pricey, but the quality easily beats similar priced, fancy-looking products from competitor brands.

5. SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive: Rs 799

This little flash drive from SanDisk easily allows you to transfer and back up data from your Android smartphone to your PC and vice versa. At Rs 799 on Amazon, it really makes for a practical gift for those who are looking for a handy helper to transfer and keep their data safe. It also also acts as a backup drive in case you are on a vacation and need to make some additional space for all those photos and videos. Also, the flash drive will reduce the need for those cheap OTG cables that apart from providing inconvenience also reduce your transfer speeds.

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