Here’s How Much The Apple iPhone 6s Models Will Cost In India

This is keeping in mind the price differences we saw at and after launch last year.


Apple never failed to wow its audiences (and this time there were many Windows 10 users among them as well). And with the iPhone 6s, and its new features on both models, Apple is expected to keep the sales momentum going, even if these were subtle improvements at best.

The iPhone 6s has taken a big leap in terms of hardware as expected. And this will boost buyer confidence thanks to the new 3D Touch feature, which seems gimmicky at first, but will attract buyers when combined with the improved hardware.

For now the prices have been announced for the US market. But that does not keep us from taking at shot at guessing its estimated prices in India. This is more so, because it was a similar scenario with the iPhone 6 launch last year.

So here are the estimated iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus prices keeping last year’s announcement and launch differences in mind.

iPhone 6s:

16 GB: US Price : Rs 43,246 : est. India Price: Rs 56,746
64 GB: US Price: Rs 49,909 : est. India Price: Rs 66,409
128 GB: US Price: Rs 56,573 : est. India Price: Rs 76,073

iPhone 6s Plus:

16 GB: US Price: Rs 49,909 : est. India Price: Rs 66,409
64 GB: US Price: Rs 56,573 : est. India Price: Rs 76,073
128 GB: US Price: Rs 63,236 : est. India Price: Rs 85,736

Both models will be available in Space Gray, Silver, Gold and the new Rose Gold option.

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Pre-orders in the US begin from the 12th of September. Currently, the Apple India website has a ‘coming soon’ banner posted on its product pages, but expect things to change in a week or so with an expected launch date.

We expect pre-orders to begin around the 7th of October like last year. This is expected to happen within a month’s time, considering Apple’s growing interest in the Indian smartphone market.

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