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WhatsApp For Android Update Delivers Custom Notifications And More

Everything, apart from Google Drive backups seems to be in here.


WhatsApp has finally been officially updated to 2.12.250 on the Google Play Store. Android users will be in for a treat, especially the ones who have not been updating their app via the unofficial beta route. In short, if you are a beta user, you will already have access to most of the below mentioned features.

Seems like Android is the mobile platform of choice that gets the maximum number of changes and features from WhatsApp.

The fresh new ones that come with the new update, include new refreshed emojis with the Vulcan (Spock) salute and the middle finger. Also included are the new LGBT emoji that includes girls holding girls and boys holding boys (let’s hope it does not get banned for this).

The next new addition, is the ability to mute not just groups, but one-on-one chats as well. More importantly, you can even choose to have customer notifications. Yes, your closest friend with his/her urgent message can get a pop-up notification, while office colleagues can get the standard non pop-up treatment.

There’s also the older beta features that have made it to this build. This includes (but is not limited to) low data usage for VoIP calls, mark chats with read or unread etc.

Google Drive backups strangely did not make it to this update. Seems like WhatsApp is busy fixing the back end so we may see it roll out from the server side rather than a packaged app update.


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