Young Anmol Tukrel Designs Better Search Engine Than Google |

Young Anmol Tukrel Designs Better Search Engine Than Google

While Google bases its search results on location and browsing history, Anmol pulls human behaviour and personality into the equation.


As soon as Sundar occupied the new chair at Google, a tough competition seems to be getting sprouted.

Anmol Tukrel, a 16 year old Indian-origin Canadian citizen has designed a personalised search engine which he claims to be as high as 47% more accurate than Google.

This is definitely not a joke. The young student designed the new search engine as part of a high school project and also to submit to the Google Science Fair.

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Google is known for its way of personalising the web search results by using a person's location or browsing history to serve relevant results. However, for Tukrel, this is just the one side of the equation and his high school project search engine is claimed to also consider if the end user will actually like it or not. The search engine tries to show the most relevant content by mapping it to a person's personality.

To design the new search engine, he took help from a python-language development environment, a spreadsheet program and access to Google. Currently, the testing of the software was limited to news article appearing on The New York Times and provided more accurate results.

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To test the accuracy of his search engine, Tukrel limited the search query to this year’s articles from the New York Times. After creating several fictitious identities with different interests and the corresponding web histories to match their interests, Tukrel searched articles using Google and his search engine. After comparing the results, Tukrel claimed that his search engine was far more accurate.

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