Five Reasons Why Sundar Pichai Was Made The CEO Of Google |

Five Reasons Why Sundar Pichai Was Made The CEO Of Google

The India-born techie is the perfect solution for the company's growth.

Five Reasons Why Sundar Pichai Was Made The CEO Of Google

Google fans woke up on Tuesday with a shocking surprise from the Internet Titan. Google has announced Sundar Pichai as its new CEO while Larry Page was taking over the new parent company called Alphabet as its CEO.

Speaking about the new entity called Alphabet, it has been created by Google's co-founders Page and Brin. With this move, Google is now a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Having this said, the big news comes with Sundar Pichai being made as the CEO of Google. So, Here are five reasons why Pichai was made the CEO of Google.

  • Pichai has been heading product management and engineering for many of Google's projects like Android, Chrome, Apps, YouTube, Maps and Search since last October. Pichai was the one making all the big calls for these products.
  • Pichai is known to be as one of the most versatile executives in the tech industry. He is the perfect person to lead Google's Internet products.

  • Pichai is said to be Page's most trusted lieutenant with Page including Pichai in to the core team of vice presidents. Pichai was made the single hand person of Google's two operating systems. By October 2014, Pichai was made the single most influential executive at Google because he took over product management and engineering for everything from Chrome to Google Maps.

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  • While Pichai has been a talented executive at Google, he was also rumoured to replace Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft. However, eventually, Satya Nadella was zeroed in for the CEO position of Microsoft. With Page being the CEO of Google, there was no space for growth for Pichai. So, the creation of Alphabet may prove a move worthy towards retaining some of the Google's best talent.
  • Pichai launched the Android One programme in India and other emerging markets.  Chrome OS was conceived as a OS for low-cost computers and that are tethered to the internet, something Pichai believes to be the future of computing in emerging markets. YouTube is now offline and content can be consumed without the internet and the same holds true for Google Maps. Google Now, Search and Voice Search provide the best machine learning adaptive experience and are widely available in emerging markets unlike competing products from Microsoft, and Apple. Seeing this, Pichai definitely knows how to focus more towards emerging markets than any other Google executive.

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