BlackBerry CEO States That The Company Could Build An Android Device

Provided it could be secured to their standards.


The words ‘Android’ and ‘security’ usually do not mix too well today even though Google’s uphill battle to secure Android seems to be a never ending one; thanks to its open-source nature.

In an interview with CNBC, BlackBerry CEO, John Chen spoke commented on recent rumours in the tech industry about the company building an Android smartphone.

He commented that, "We only build secure phones, and BlackBerry is the most secure phone. So, if I can find a way to secure the Android phone, I will also build that."

Of course a statement like this would make Samsung look like a fool, as the company joined hands with BlackBerry last year to make its phone big on security and enhance its Knox offerings. Still then, we are pretty sure BlackBerry is working with Samsung on the same.

So far the rumours point to a budget android device that looks similar to the currently available Leap smartphone.

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Indeed, a lot of BlackBerry customers would love the idea of using a BlackBerry device powered by Android, but one must keep in mind, that such a smartphone will most certainly not include Google’s best bits.


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