Samsung Partners With BlackBerry To Take Android Security To The Next Level

The end result of that partnership would be a security solution that combines the power of both KNOX and BES 12.


Samsung and BlackBerry have joined hands in a strategic partnership to deliver class-leading mobile security solutions that will be delivered on Samsung smartphones and tablets by early next year. The solution combines the power of Samsung’s KNOX and BlackBerry’s BES12 cross-platform EMM solution. The partnership will deliver a solution that will strengthen Android’s presence in enterprise and offer mobile security solutions that were until now simply not available on Android devices.

The solution that will combine the power of two well-known security platforms will be available by early 2015. More importantly, it will be Samsung who will be utilizing the same on its smartphones and tablets.

For fans who love to use custom ROMs, seems like things will only get worse. It is not that Samsung’s KNOX already interferes with custom ROM operations, that Samsung is now going to add another layer of security and that too with help from an expert like BlackBerry. The software will enhance what Samsung has been working on all along and split Samsung devices into two secure halves separating the business side and keeping data from straying into or being accessible from the personal one.

All of this indeed comes in the wake of Apple seeking to become the mobile enterprise solutions leader. The company had announced back in July that it would be joining hands with IBM to address key industry mobility challenges and will bring in a whole new level of mobile solutions for business. So it does make sense when two friends join hands to fight a common enemy if you ask us.


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