Microsoft Apes Apple’s Reachability Feature In New Windows 10 Build

Strange but true.


It is the sad state of things these days where one manufacture creates a software gesture and the other one blatantly copies it, stating that it has perfected it. No, we are certainly not talking about Apple here. This time its Microsoft with the latest build of Windows 10 (10136) that was pushed out yesterday.

Windows Central discovered that the new build comes with a handy new feature. One that lets users long-press on the capacitive start key on their smartphones, to bring down the top part of the app to the bottom half of the screen.

This is clearly inspired from Apple’s iOS 8 reachability feature that accomplished the same with a double tap on the home button.

What is a bit different here, is that Windows 10’s one-handed split-screen mode seems to remain at the bottom half (upon activation) as long as you keep using that half. Stop tapping on your screen and the app gets restored to the full screen.

While many may think that it is a bit lame, the feature is useful for bigger screens; which is why the feature is only available on displays that are 5 inches or larger (think the Lumia 1520 or the 640 XL).


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