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OxygenOS With Android 5.1 Will Arrive With The OnePlus 2

Touchscreen issues are being addressed in one last and final attempt.


Seems like OnePlus indeed has its hands full these days. The Chinese smartphone maker has made it public that the Android 5.1 Lollipop update that will come packaged in its OxygenOS, will arrive only after the OnePlus 2 is announced.

Via its official forums, a lengthy post has detailed that its small team is working hard on the release of the OnePlus One successor, the OnePlus 2. The idea is to get the OxygenOS 5.1 build right since it will debut with OnePlus 2 smartphone.

A small team means that all the focus is on the product at hand with support for the previous smartphone hitting the back burner.

Still then, OnePlus is not ignoring its current smartphone’s issues completely. The team is going to attempt to release one final and stable build of the OxygenOS and CM with Android 5.0 Lollipop, which should hopefully fix the display’s touchscreen issues that a “small percentage” of owners are facing.

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As for the status of CM12.1 (with Android 5.1), the firmware is undergoing factory testing and in the process of getting a Google certification, which can take a while.


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