Selfie Swing Might Take Over Selfie Stick Soon |

Selfie Swing Might Take Over Selfie Stick Soon

The Selfie Swing unveiled alongside Zenfone Selfie Phone acts as a selfie stand and a frame protecting the phone.


If you are the one who loves taking Selfies, then you might have either already bought a Selfie Stick or thought of buying it soon!

But, Selfie Stick seems to be of no interest after you see what Asus has unveiled during the Computex trade show in Taiwan as part of the ZenFone Selfie Phone presentation.

We are talking about the Selfie Swing which has been launched as a prototype that doubles as a stand and an arm extender for a perfect selfie.

However, the idea of the swing is not yet entirely clear. But, it seems that the point is to open and hold it while taking a selfie which gives us an additional inch or two of distance between our face and phone.

We can also use the Selfie Swing as a phone stand and getting a perfectly timed shot.

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Apart from these features, the Selfie Swing does come with a more impress feature - it protects our phone against some impacts as swinging it simply becomes a frame.

Selfie Swing is now unveiled by Asus and shall be available only for Zenfone Selfie Phone which is being claimed to have some of the best front camera features.

However, it can easily be said that, with in no time, this Selfie Swing will be carried forward by many other companies giving users best facility for the best selfie.

It is also important to note that, the Selfie Swing is pretty portable in size making it possible for us to carry anywhere unlike the Selfie Stick!

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