The Selfie Stick Review |

The Selfie Stick Review

Is this accessory worth the embarrassment?

The Selfie Stick Review

Selfie Stick
Street Price: Rs 500

Selfies, self-portrait photographs, have taken over the world. This thing is so popular that the top technology brands promote their products based on its selfie skills. If that wasn't enough, some "innovators" went on to manufacture an accessory called the Selfie Stick. These products are selling like hot cakes in Japan and South Korea. Before it becomes a rage on our country, I decided to have a crack at one of these.

The Device
Photographers would know that a selfie stick is a slightly modified monopod. The device includes a smartphone holder, Bluetooth shutter, and an extensible metal stick. The stick has a rubberised handle for grip.

The device I picked-up from Amazon, has been manufactured by some random Chinese company. So I wasn't surprised when the sponge and rubber padding in the phone holder started showing the signs of slack. The metal used in the extensible pole is quite good though. The Bluetooth shutter is made of cheap plastic. So overall, the construction is a mixed bag.

Setting It Up
Pair your smartphone with the bundled wireless shutter. The Bluetooth shutter comes with dedicated buttons for Android and iOS. I guess, these people know that BlackBerry and Windows Phone crowd is too smart to use such devices.

Assembling the selfie stick is simple. Slide-in your handheld in the holder, and attach it to the pole using the screw cap. A notch below is a hinge that can be used to adjust the angle of your device. Once, you are happy with the setup, tighten all the screws carefully. You don't want to drop your expensive phone from such heights, do you?

Operating It
Here comes the most embarrassing part of the review. Hold out the selfie stick, make a pout, and press the Bluetooth shutter to click. Using this gadget, you can take selfies without having to worry about the 'fat arm' phenomena. In selfies, your arm looks unusually bigger, if you fail to keep it out of the frame.

The shutter works without any issue. However, taking this thing out in public is incredibly awkward. The selfie stick makes you look like a complete douche. It is as ridiculous as a grown-up with popped collar or guys wearing lip gloss.

Closing Thoughts
If you like taking selfies, this accessory might come-in handy too. However, keep in mind that a study conducted by the Ohio State University found guys who take selfies to be borderline psychopaths. The study links selfies with self-objectification that shows your anti-social traits on social networks.

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