Apple Acquires Coherent Navigation To Better Its Maps Offering |

Apple Acquires Coherent Navigation To Better Its Maps Offering

Lets hope that something good comes out of this.


While we can literally hear millions of Apple users worldwide prompting Apple to acquire Nokia’s HERE Maps division, but Apple as always, did something else instead. The company acquired a small Global Positioning specialist called Coherent Navigation, a move that will supposedly strengthen its Maps offering, which comes as a default with all of its devices.

Apple Maps was a failure from day one. Everyone who has ever used Maps before Apple began offering its own solution (instead of Google’s Maps overlay) will agree that it was better.

Well, it will be two and a half years since the service debuted along with iOS 6 and now it seems that the Cupertino giant is apparently working towards its betterment.

Coherent Navigation may not be well-known in consumer circles, this is because the small company has been working with clients that are mostly on the business side of things. This would include projects with US Defense Department along with those that involve autonomous navigation and even robotics (Apple cars?).

That aside, Coherent Navigation is best know for their super-accurate GPS locationing tech (that works with Iridium), which is capable of delivering locationing accuracy in centimetres.

Still then, Coherent’s co-founders made things pretty clear that Apple is using the same for its Maps solution when they changed their respective designations on LinkedIn to those related to Apple Maps.

While Uber is busy fighting it out amongst some German automotive giants for self-reliance with Nokia’s HERE Maps, lets just hope that Apple is also looking to acquire the same. This is because apart from navigation and positioning Apple’s Maps overlay is clearly the worst one out there.

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