Apple Seems Like The Perfect Buyer For Nokia’s HERE Maps |

Apple Seems Like The Perfect Buyer For Nokia’s HERE Maps

Apart from Google, everyone out there is interested in acquiring a good mapping business.


Bloomberg Business reports that Apple is one of the candidates that Nokia is interested in selling its HERE Maps business to. The company seems perfect for a variety of reasons, but that is not the only company that seems interested to bid.

Literally everyone apart from Google is interested in Nokia’s maps business that seems to be eating into the profits of the company. The sale will indeed take care of that problem; more so, because the starting bid is said to begin from €3 billion (remember Nokia’s mobile business was acquired for around $7.2 billion).

Still then, there is a long list of interested buyers than span from internet portals like Amazon to Alibaba to auto mobile manufacturers from Germany.

Out of all of the above Apple would make for the perfect candidate. This is because it has the monies and it desperately needs to improve its Maps service, which is currently not worth pushing out even as a pre-installed app on its iPhones.

Nokia’s reasons for putting up its HERE Maps division on sale is pretty simple, its assets are losing value. Nokia in fact plans to focus on mobile phone networks instead, which is an area that it has a ton of experience in. Its recent acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent for €15.6 billion seems like a pretty credible answer to this theory.

More so there is also the mobile phone business with Android inside that Nokia wants to jump back into. But this begins post Q3 2016.

Hopefully, its deal goes well, and we do not see a disappointing figure similar to its mobile devices acquisition by Microsoft.


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