Android M To Be Unveiled At Google I/O |

Android M To Be Unveiled At Google I/O

Will not be as big as Android L back at I/O 2014.


Last year’s Google I/O had a lot of big announcements to make and one of the big ones will be the unveiling of Android L. While Google also promises this year’s I/O to have the same impact, we have our doubts about it and its big announcement, Android M as well.

Android M just cannot be as big as Android L, Android 5.0 was a huge leap for Google and this is a problem.

With huge leaps come the optimisations, developers have to get back to the drawing board and optimise their apps for the new code. But with L we also had a new design language, one that completely revamped Android’s look and feel, it was a brand new one.

One that many developers so far have not adopted. The apps may be optimised for the Android 5.0 but even some big names (Facebook) have refused to budge from their own design philosophies and adopt Material Design in its true sense (you can count the number of apps that utilize all those fancy animations).

Android M is only going to add to this mess. Too many new changes and we will see developers doing a face palm at the event. Too little and Android fans will not be too happy (although considering all the bugs that Android Lollipop still has we doubt it).

The Verge reports that the new version of Android could brings improved notifications and powerful voice controls including Voice Access, a service that gives anyone access to their Android device through voice alone.

So here’s hoping to the announcement of a well-balanced release on the 28th of May. One that squishes the bugs of the past makes things easier for developers as well.


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