Cyanogen Is Ready To Push Out CM12S For The OnePlus One |

Cyanogen Is Ready To Push Out CM12S For The OnePlus One

Certification issues have delayed the process.


Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik has finally broken his silence about when the CM12S update for OnePlus One smartphone will arrive.

Normally the policy when it comes to CyanogenMod updates is a simple “don’t ask”. So it was a bit strange when the CyanogenMod Project Founder, finally gave owners a heads-up about the update.

The update should arrive a few days from now. The update that plenty of OnePlus One users have been waiting for, was delayed according to the founder for two reasons.

The first one was related to the certifications process, the final roadblock before the ROM gets uploaded to servers.

Prior to that it was a new test suite that showed up for MR1 that dropped in just in time for submission and the team had to work on its software package all over again.

But now that it is out of the way, OnePlus One users should expect the CM12S update soon.

It was just a few days ago that OnePlus finally pushed out its CM-free OxygenOS update over the past weekend. But the update was greeted with too many sad smileys (on the forums) due to the lack of features that users were used to on the older CM11S firmware.

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The brand-new OxygenOS currently offers a stock Android approach and hopefully OnePlus will be adding more features in the coming updates.

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