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Upcoming GALAXY Note 5 To Sport A Dual Edge Display

This is more about aesthetics than anything else.


In a Q&A session after the launch of the Samsung GALAXY 6 smartphones at the MWC, Samsung revealed that it has plans to incorporate a dual-edge display for its upcoming Note 5 as well.

The news was confirmed when VP of Samsung Products Strategy Team, Roh Tae-moon stated that the team is working on adding the cosmetic change to its Note 5 line-up as well.

While not many may find the dual edge display practical, one can clearly say that Samsung has purely used the same for its aesthetic value here. The true dual edge display on the Note Edge that wrapped around the corners seemed to find no buyers indeed and while the smartphone did cost a pretty penny, nobody was interested in looking beyond the edge.

Samsung has indeed received a lot of positive response for its GALAXY S edge and for now a curved edge display seems to be something only Samsung has managed to pull off.

While LG did showcase a phablet with the same at the CES (in a private booth) and we have other news that BlackBerry also did something similar(developing) at the MWC. As of now it is yet to be seen if someone can actually make an edge display more practical and less of gimmick.


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