iOS 9 Said To Be Big On Fixes, Not On Features |

iOS 9 Said To Be Big On Fixes, Not On Features

Meanwhile, iOS 8.3 is now seeding to developers, with wireless CarPlay support.


While many iOS users and iPhone owners are clearly, tired of submitting bug reports to Apple; iOS 8.3 has already begun seeding to developers. While the iOS 8.1.3 did squash a few bugs, iOS 8 indeed has a long way to go until it gets stable.

Talking about stability, news about iOS 9 seems to have surfaced online. While sources say that it will be a big update, the focus is indeed on stability and improvements.

This is indeed a big thing because even the latest firmware version of iOS 8.1.3 still stutters in many menus and performance (thanks to the higher resolution displays) is still not as smooth as you would expect iOS to be.

As for the iOS 8.3 update there are the usual stability improvements (blah) but CarPlay has now gained wireless support. There seems to be improvements to Google login as well; but more importantly, there is a new emoji picker on board for all you messaging fans.

Coming back to reality, iOS owners currently await the next 8.2 update that is said to bring support for the Apple Watch. This is good news since the Apple Watch has been confirmed for an April launch. Hopefully, things work flawlessly when it begins seeding to customers.


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