Rumour: Verizon’s LG G4 May Sport A 3K Display |

Rumour: Verizon’s LG G4 May Sport A 3K Display

While Quad HD seems to be more than enough for today, it would not hurt to see a smartphone with a 3K display.


While the MWC is going to be a really busy week for Mobile smartphone manufacturers, it is indeed the rumours that lead to the main event that make things really interesting. As for LG, that may show up with its LG G4 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, things do seem to be weirder than the usual.

User agent profiles seem to be the last place to look out for minor leaks of upcoming smartphones, but someone actually managed to pull out something really interesting about the LG G4.

The profile shows a handset tagged as the LG-VS999 with a rather unusual screen resolution. Last year’s flagship was tagged as the VS985 meaning that this one could indeed be its successor.

The LG G4 it seems may actually pack in a 3K display. While a Quad HD display seems to give the current batch of flagships a hard time (especially when it comes to battery life) LG may show off an interesting 3K smartphone but this may come from Verizon.

Verizon has a history of launching its own variants of global smartphones with one-upped specifications. They did the same thing with the Motorola Droid Turbo, that clearly made the Moto X look dated.

While this is still data that has been pulled out of a user agent profile we must say that we could hear about such a smartphone in the near future.


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